Cutting Unnecessary Expense

Entertainment these days are various. And one of its forms is the paid channel subscriptions, like Netflix or Hulu Plus. But there are also other streaming services such as Roku TV, and Amazon TV that can utilize your smart TV by attaching their streaming devices. But having this hobby of, “Netflix and Chill,” can add unnecessary monthly cost for the subscription. Is there a way to reduce the expense?

Choosing from the a la carte menu

Subscribed to a Streaming ServiceWhen we want to live a frugal life, we do not need to cut all the fun live like a cheap hermit. What we can do instead is to be smart on spending our money. Be realistic when considering a subscription to video streaming services. Their typical marketing strategy is to promise extra access to hot programs just by slightly increasing the price. And then the basic psychology applies. Customers will mostly choose the promoted package, while in fact, we can barely watch half of the included programs in a one-month subscription.

Saving Money TipsThe solution is to choose a one-time view or buy the lifetime right of a video. Be specific with what shows you want to watch. Perhaps, you want to feel nostalgic and pick the cartoon network 2010 shows, or you want to follow a thriller series such as Dexter. Let’s take Netflix for example. The most subscribed package in the U.S. costs $10.99 per month. It will be $132 per year, with a random and disoriented movie preference. But if you buy it a la carte in iTunes, for example, one episode will only cost you no more than $3.

You might think that it is going to cost you way more. Let’s say you want to watch a movie series that has seven seasons in total. And there are ten episodes in each season. Therefore, for the whole episodes, you must spend $210 just for one title. And if such is the case, you need to get real with your estimation.

You are not going to finish watching them all in one month. And it is going to be interesting if you diversify your movies preference, and pay precisely for the title that is worth your money. And this is the realization of a pure frugal mindset.

Trying the free trials

Streaming Services OptionsMost streaming platforms offer free trials. You can take advantage of such promo to screen the quality of the available programs. But you need to know that the free trials take different forms from one service to another. Netflix offer one-month free trial, while Hulu only one week.

But you need to be careful if you use this method. Some trials set the automatically renew subscription feature without you knowing. And it can result in an unexpected credit card charge. Read in detail first, before you sign in for a free subscription.


Catching up with the latest TV shows will indeed cost us some money. But be a rightful fan by staying true to the path of official streaming. Illegal downloads and streaming kill the industry. Besides, we have learned the way how we can still save our money and stay updated at the same time.