prepaid card

Gone are the days when cash was the most common form of payment. Things have rapidly changed over the years with other modes of cashless payments like debit or credit cards being introduced. This is perhaps because of the insecurity arising from walking around with huge cash.

Prepaid debit cards are one of the most popular modes of payment now. They offer the convenience of both the debit and credit cards and go the extra mile to manage your spending according to the available funds. Anyone can get this card as there are no checks on your credit history conducted. Get your postepay evolution card now and enjoy its benefits of being both flexible and economical.

Below are the top benefits of prepaid debit cards:

No Credit History Checks

If you need a credit card or a checking account, your bank must conduct checks on your credit before you are given one. You can be denied the card if the bank notices that you have unpaid bills and some bouncing checks. This is not a necessity for prepaid cards. Once your ID has been verified, your prepaid debit card can then be processed.

Online Shopping

paying onlineYou do not have to be physically present at a shop to buy the items you want. Nowadays, you can shop from your home at your convenience and get the items delivered to your home. You get to avoid hustles like dressing up, going through irritating traffic jams, and passing through endless crowds of people to shop. All you need to do is browse through online websites, select the items you want.

However, many online retailers require you to make your payments online, preferably using a debit card. Having a prepaid debit card with you can help you avoid the troubles of in-person shopping. Applying for a prepaid card is no trouble either.


One of the main reasons people are shifting away from cash payment options is the insecurity associated with it. If, for instance, you get mugged, and someone takes your money, there are limited chances of recovering the lost money. At the same time, when you get seen carrying a lot of cash, you put yourself at risk as someone might violently try to rob you.

Prepaid debit cards help address the issue of insecurity. If you lose your card by chance, you can always call the issuer and cancel the cards. On top of that, you can reach out to the company in case of fraudulent charges, and they can help you with the measures you can employ to prevent fraud.